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The leading civil construction report in Texas

Get access to bid leads, plan holders, bid results, bid tabs, and more.

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The leading civil construction report in Texas

Get access to bid leads, plan holders, bid results, bid tabs, and more.

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Information that gives you a competitive advantage.

Bid Opportunities

Never miss another bid opportunity in Texas again. We find and monitor all public projects for you.

Bid Items

No more scrolling through endless PDF pages for bid items. We manually input every single item on every project for you.

Plan Holders

Our plan holder lists are accurate and up-to-date, enabling prime contractors to identify their competition, and subcontractors and material suppliers to stay informed on who is bidding.

Bid Results

Get quick and accurate bid results to know if you're the apparent low bidder. Subcontractors and material suppliers can easily determine who to contact when following up on quotes.

Unit Bid Tabs

Compare your unit prices with competitors, gain valuable market insights, and optimize future bids for success.

TXDOT Average Unit Prices

Get unit price data for unfamiliar parts of Texas and protect your business by knowing the fair market value of change orders.

TXDOT Construction Report

Get a bird's-eye view of all ongoing TXDOT projects and their construction progress. Monitor the status of any project.

TXDOT Monthly Pay Estimates

Gain transparency on TXDOT's payments to keep general contractors accountable and empower subcontractors to advocate for fair and timely payment.

TXDOT Forecast

Get an exclusive look into TXDOT's future plans by accessing the projects they plan to let up to four years in advance.

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“The confidence of knowing we will never miss a bid opportunity is what separates AMTEK from the rest.”

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David Boehm

President, NBG

“AMTEK consistently delivers the information we need with impressive speed and accuracy. I couldn't imagine trying to do my job without it.”

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Randy Rogers

Williams Brothers, VP

What sets us apart?

Real Humans

We use real humans who live in Texas and leave no stone unturned (not bots or scrapers).


Ensuring the trustworthiness of our reports is our top priority, guaranteeing that the information we provide is reliable.


Our team excels at obtaining and posting the latest information in record time, making us the go-to choice for lightning-fast information delivery.


Easily download information in the format you need, making it simpler to analyze and use the data offline.

Searchable Bid Items

Easily search every single bid item to find projects that align with your desired type of work.

Special Reports

Our team's expert analysis uncovers hidden insights, providing you with unique and indispensable reports that you didn't even know you needed.